10 Social Media Tips

Are you considering to start using social media in your business communication? In this posts I will give you a couple of basic tips before you start.

  1. Where are your target audience? Which social networks do they use? Where can you participate in conversations? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube? Listen, search and find!
  2. Search and find what your audience are saying about your company? Do they like you? What are they saying about your competitors?
  3. Think like a business – Define goals and make a plan for your communication.
  4. Learn – Try to understand changing trends and patterns. Explore the channels and try to keep one step ahead of the curve.
  5. Build relationships – Social media is about building relationships.
  6. Use a blog instead of a static website. In the blog , you and your employees can write and / or post videos and share your knowledge to your visitors. Update the blog regularly, once or twice a week is enough to maintain a dialogue.
  7. Be relevant – Do not share what you had to lunch or what tv-series you are watching. Share knowledge, market trends and other valuable insights to your customers.
  8. When a visitor comments on a post, answer them, even if it is a critical comment.
  9. Keep track of what other blogs write about you and comment on other blogs.
  10. It takes time – It takes a lot of time and resources to build an effective network. Start small and grow gradually!
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