How to make your press release SEO friendly

With SEO your press release will get increased visibility and more views. It is an easy way to get more traffic but before you start optimizing your press release I want to point two things out, You need a good story to get visitors to read and never forget that you are writing for humans, don’t overdo your optimization.

How can you make your press release more SEO friendly?

  1. Release length – The optimal length for a press release is generally 400-600 word. This length is easy for readers to digest and comprehend.
  2. Headline – You need a catchy headline and try to include at least one relevant keyword phrase that your audience search for and if it’s possible in the beginning. Reduce unnecessary words in your headline.
  3. Tags – If you use a distribution partners then you can tag your press release with relevant keywords.
  4.  Use Keywords Try to use important keywords in your headline and text but don’t overdo it. Try using Googles keyword search tool to make it a little easier to find relevant keywords. You can also use Google Insights for Search to evaluate and discover popular variations. Remember that you should know your keywords before you start to write your press release.
  5. Use Anchor links – Try to include anchor text links with your keywords. It will drive viewers to your web site but it is important that you link to a site that is relevant to the press release. Also try to link to others pages than your homepage on your site. The links can deliver significant SEO benefit to the web site you’re linking to. Don’t overdo it, 3-4 links per press release is enough.
  6. Optimize your summary – The first 200-250 words of your press release is important.  It´s important for your ranking but if your content is not interesting in the beginning the reader will stop reading the release. Try to have your keywords and important phrases in the beginning. Is you use a distribution partner, the summary is often used as Meta description.
  7. Newsworthy – The most important thing is to be newsworthy and the content should be the content that interests your audience not the content that interrupts them. Do you have a good story? If not, no one will read and SEO won’t help you.

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