How to make your press release Twitter friendly

Why should you make your press release Twitter friendly?

A couple of weeks ago PR Newswire and Crowd Factory analyzed press releases and the activity around them. According to their research, 48 percent of press release activity happens on Facebook and 37 percent on Twitter but the sharing on Twitter results in 30 percent more views.

The research also found that videos and photos drive more traffic to a press release than plain text. If you add a photo to your press release the engagement increased  by 14 percent.

Take a look at the numbers in the infographic below!

How do you make your press release more Twitter friendly?

  1. Headline –  Your press release need to have a headline in the range of 100-120 characters. A tweet have a limit on 140 characters and if your headline is about 100-120 characters there is room for a user to add a little comment in the tweet. But your headline still need to give the people enough information about what the press release is about. Make your headline newsworthy, eye-catching, informative and about 100-120 characters.
  2. Include stats and facts – People love stats and facts but the numbers must be relevant for the press release. Facts about horses in a press release about dog food isn’t a good idea.
  3. Use Hashtags – Try to use hashtags  in your press release.
  4. Make quotes tweetable – Just like numbers people love quotes. Add an interesting quote in your press release and make it tweetable.
  5. Include pictures and video – Pictures and videos add a value to your press release and make your audience more interested in the content.

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